Some background

Just some story telling? No. Rather this:


Being punk covered by some sociological background.

#normiepunks are punks, sure. But each of them comes from a certain background, from a certain class, a certain socioeconomic stratum. This – their life experiences, hopes, wishes, interests, abilities, family backgrounds, sets of values, financial circumstances –  makes them unique on the one hand. On the other hand, amongst these millions of people, they are equals among equals. So, what makes them “punk”? They try to escape from their class-culture, be “against”, be part of something different, come to an arrangement with society and themselves about ideas of how life should be, perform their specific lifestyle, peel off their stratum-specific habitus, are product of their parents’ ambitions to shape their lives, and represent their own generation “Y”. They live their lives, they are punk.


Interested in sociological details? See e.g.